Monday, February 6, 2012

As time goes by...........

It seems like no one is keeping up with their Blogs anymore. Everyone has entered into the world of Facebook and their thoughts - good,bad and indifferent - are out there for even more to see. I still enjoy the personal aspect of the blog knowing that there are but a handful that read it. And maybe that is a good thing. Everyone doesn't need to know all that goes on in my corner of the universe.

Pet sitting has been moving along fairly steadily and I have bookings for the summer months. I have picked up two new clients, one being fairly steady as he is on several boards and travels. The other is a snowbird and extremely nice. Great little dog also. A breed I have not worked with before.

We have a new addition to the mastiff side of the family. Her name is Georgia and she is a rescue. Came to Steve as a very shy and frightened girl. She has been in the pack for 7 weeks now and is coming around. Another foster that has found her forever home. She had been shuffled around too many times to have it happen yet again. She is a very sweet lady and extremely attached to Jack already. She follows him wherever he goes. Not sure whether he really likes that or not as he does think he is the center of everyone's attention. I have yet to be able to take a good picture of her as she seems to be camera shy. She takes off whenever she seems me with my Iphone or camera in my hand. I'll get a good picture one of these days. She can't outsmart me forever !

The rest of the pups are all well. Phantom is now 17 and still holding on. Hasn't let us know yet that it is time to let him go. My stepdaughter in Michigan is not quite so lucky unfortunately, as she and her husband had to let their elderly shephard cross over. I know how difficult that was and my heart goes out to them.

Not much else happening. Have two friends that just moved back to Florida from California and I really need to go visit them. And another friend and her husband from New Mexico are now here living in Silver Springs. Good visiting time coming up after my next round of pet sitting. I have been spending a little time on Facebook and have connected with people from my high school graduating class. I am hoping for a high school reunion next year. I have not been back to Kentucky since graduation for longer than a week to visit my parents and not at all since they moved to Florida in 1976. I am sure the small town hasn't changed much however. It will be good to go back if the reunion occurs................