Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Casino

Another week has passed and still no gas hooked up. The plumber was a no-show at the landlords to pick up half of his money and at our house to hook up the new gas line. Something about this scenario reminds me a lot of trying to get things done in Florida !!
I have finished my first week in security at the casino and am enjoying my two days off. It was quite interesting. I am not a gambler and the closest I have ever been to gambling was on the boats that went out of John's Pass near St. Petersburg. I went out on them a couple of times when my son was home on leave from the Navy, but I always took my knitting and sat on the top deck and enjoyed the boat ride and the view. Needless to say, I am getting quite the education. I still have no desire to gamble - lucky as I am I might just as well throw my money down the toilet. The pay is decent and the benefits are good and kick in after 90 days. My son starts sometime this week. He should pick up his Gaming Commission badge and uniforms tomorrow. Hope he enjoys the job as much as I do.....
Here's hoping we get gas hook-up before summer !!

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