Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moving Day - Again

It would seem that once again that old fickle finger of fate has pointed in our direction. Our Florida house that seemed so perfect in July when I rented it has turned out to be another of those going back to the bank. Rather than be turned out into the street on short notice, we have opted to find another home to move to. This one is further north, located in Sarasota. Older home, established neighborhood near Doctors Hospital. As my son has been pulling most of his security jobs in the Manatee County area the new house will be much more convenient for him for travel time and wear and tear on his Jeep. I will still be close to my friends, Sharon and Mike, who live in North Port and closer to those in Bradenton/Palmetto/Ellenton. Moving should also be some easier this time, as we have lightened the load possession wise. And I have someone lined up to move the few heavy pieces that we have. I am looking on this as another one of life's little challenges - although I am getting rather tired of them !! The yard is completely fenced at the new home, which will be good for the dogs. They have only had a small x-pen to roam in at this house, so a fully fenced backyard will be a treat for them I am sure. The move is going to happen suddenly so the next posting should be from the new home. Pictures to follow...............

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