Thursday, July 1, 2010

Graveyard Shift....

I strongly believe that if you have worked as a police dispatcher you are destined to never again in your lifetime sleep like a normal person!! This is the second night this week that I have seen 4AM come and go. I am blaming the lack of sleep on my previous life style as I can't come up with any other logical reason. I'm not worried about anything that should be keeping me awake and I can't blame it on the dogs as they are not sleeping with me. I did do something to my back a couple of weeks ago and I have been to see the chiropractor a few times now. My back is feeling much better but we haven't been walking the beach at night nor have we been swimming the past few days as the afternoon showers seem to be starting. I suppose lack of exercise could have something to do with not sleeping also.
I start my marathon pet sitting this coming week. Staring July 7 through the middle of August I am booked solid. Nice for me - not so much for husband. The first 10 days will be in Sarasota so I will be able to have dinner with my son and cousin, and hopefully Steve will drive up for a couple of family meals. After that the job is closer to home so I will see more of Steve. The extra money will be nice but I'm not so sure about being away from home for such an extended period of time. I will miss the mastiff boys and will have to make sure I get down here to the house to see them.

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