Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New happenings............

My pet sitting marathon comes to a close (with many hoorays from my husband) in two more days. Once again, as you can see from the picture, it has been very stressful. Hardship duty.... Sweet little yorkies that bark when you are in the pool. Doing their protective bit I think.
My son has closed on his new (and first ever owned) home in Englewood. It is a roomy 2 bed/2 bath home with a Florida room at the back of the house. Smallish back yard, but big enough for the pups. Move in should be next week. He is having a refrigerator delivered today and then we will be moving more of the smaller pieces of furniture. It will be great having the whole family closer together. It was becoming a drag driving back and forth to Sarasota to visit, see the pups and do anything with my cousin who shares the home with Ed.
We have adopted two schipperkes from rescue that are living with us at the Englewood home. I have also snagged the elder schipperke female from the Sarasota house and she is with us also. So now the animal family is complete with the mastiff Boyz (Dodger and Jack) and the schips, Bits the elder, Sammi the young female and her male companion Trip. The newbies were spayed and neutered on Monday and should be ready to be set loose with the pack by next week. Trip's hormones are still raging so we are keeping him separated from Sammi until they calm down.
Now, if the rain would just stop so we can go back to the beach it would be great..................

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