Saturday, December 4, 2010

Larger home ???

Our small home has become smaller for the weekend with the visit of Abby, a brindle female mastiff. We are keeping her while her parents are out of town. She is smaller than the Boyz but manages to put them in their place. The schipperkes are not too happy about the arrangement as they have never been socialized and the addition of another dog throws them out of sorts. They all manage to play in the backyard without any conflicts but due to the smallness of the house interior, the schips have to be watched as they will be snippy towards Abby. They can be little devils and do live up to their name, Little Black Devil. Abby is a love and it would be extremely easy to become attached to her quickly. Good thing that her parents won't be away long!! What's one more dog in the mix..............

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