Saturday, August 27, 2011


The past few months have gone by quickly and have been fairly eventful - some good, some not so. The end of May we lost a member of our furry family, Bits. I'm not sure of the cause, just thankful she went quickly and hopefully, painlessly. She is missed greatly by us all. She was the ever present greeter of anyone who came to the door.

Pet sitting has been going very well. I have been busy most of the summer and it is carrying through September. November is partly booked and December has filled up also. The house where I am sitting now is in the country with lots of acreage and many deer in the yard. So peaceful. I can understand why someone would want to live out here.

Steve's daughter has been in the states since June and was in Englewood visiting for a few days. Wednesday was a mystery day planned by Steve. It was a lovely day, highlighted for me by a boat ride from the mainland to Palm Island. We had lunch at the island restaurant, followed by a golf cart ride around the island, a visit to the beach for shark teeth and back to the restaurant for ice cream. When we went back to the mainland, we headed to Boca Grande for another walk on the beach. Storm clouds moved in very suddenly and the three of us almost got blown away. Blowing sand is a great way to exfolliate your body !! We topped the day off by having dinner at Nicola's Restaurant in Englewood.

We finally got some rain here, but were spared the hurricane this time. We all have something to be thankful for........

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