Monday, June 29, 2009

Hola Everyone!! This is me being excited. That magical day finally arrived and I have RETIRED !!!! And I will probably end up like my buddy Tuffenuff and never have enough time to finish anything. My mind is going 20 miles an hour thinking of all the things that I can do and plan now that I don't have to work around days off from a job. My eldest son and I are flying out of Albuquerque to Rochester NY on Wednesday for the youngest son's wedding. I haven't been back there for 20 years so this should be interesting to say the least. It will be good to see everyone there that I know.

We are still hoping to be out of New Mexico and headed back to Florida by the first of September. The packing and loading will keep me occupied for awhile and then there will be the unloading and unpacking when we reach the new destination. We are going to try and find a house to rent for a year, possibly with option to buy. We are leaning towards 3/4 bedrooms with a den. Whenever we have anyone come to visit, they end up sleeping on the sofa in the middle of the livingroom. Lots of privacy there!! I would love to have a pool also, even an above the ground one would be good. The water is one of the things that I have missed the most since we moved out here. My skin has also become as dry as an old winter leaf. Didn't think I would ever miss humidity.......

I am still doing a lot of knitting and some crocheting, but in the future I will confine my yarns to cotton blends. Not a lot of call for wool sweaters in South Florida. I am taking a 3 month hiatus from my online course for medical transcription. Our internet access at the house we are renting now is through HughesNet satellite. If you know someone you truly hate/loath/detest, suggest that they order HughesNet for their ISP. It is only slightly fastest than dial-up. And it is super expensive. I have tried doing my online course here at home, but I become too frustrated just waiting for the pages to download. I am nearing the part of the course now where I will actually be starting to do transcribing and the internet here would be a hinderance. I will start back up with it when we get back to Florida.

Our critters are doing okay. The newest guy (has been with us 11 months now) has settled in well, although still doesn't like or trust outsiders. Can't fault him for that. Don't take much to outsiders myself. The two oldsters are holding their own. Hope I can find someplace on the Gulf coast where dogs are still allowed to swim. I want to see how Lakota and Tala like the water.

I have been invited to Facebook (as has the rest of the world apparently) and I do have an account there. But I really don't understand how it works and most of the time I don't want the whole world to see what I am writing. Emails and my blog work for me.

Suitcases that have to be packed are calling me..................

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TUFFENUF said...

The crazy lady next door to me wants to rent out or sell her house. Also, the house directly behind me is for sale. I know that you are not planning to come this far south - but I'm just saying. Congrats on your retirement; I know you will be busy now!