Sunday, July 12, 2009

Florida Bound

We are getting down to the wire with our moving plans. Since I have retired, there doesn't really seem to be any reason for my son and I to stay our here when we could be setting up housekeeping back home in Florida. Our realtor is looking into rental/lease to buy options for us and my good friend Tuffenuff is also doing some checking. I will start doing some packing in earnest this week - maybe even methodically this time. It's a bummer finding underwear mixed in with pots and pans!! That always happens when things get left to the last minute. We also don't have nearly as much to pack this time as the load has been lightened significantly since our last move. I listed our 1989 Jeep Cherokee on CraigsList yesterday and have had 2 email inquiries and one phone call already. My 2001 Ford Ranger has been sold to one of the officers I worked with. That just leaves the 2007 Honda Ridgeline which will be coming with us.

My son Ed and I had a good time in upstate NY at his brother Michael's wedding. Michael married a girl that he proposed to when she was 14 and he was 16. He then went into the Navy and didn't see her again for 20+ years. They reconnected when he went to NY 2 years ago for his aunt's funeral.
The wedding was held in a restored historical mansion in Canandaigua NY near Canandaigua Lake. The reception was held in a restored barn on property owned by the brides mother and boyfriend, who just happens to be a builder. Since our side of the family is very limited, Ed and I and the boys' father were the only relatives there for Michael.
The weather was the worse that Rochester has had in July for several years. It was cool and rained most of the time we were there. Ed and I had planned at visit to Niagara Falls but changed our minds due to all the rain. We did manage a trip to Mendon Ponds Park, where we use to go in the summer to swim. The pond is still there and looks lovely, but it has been closed to swimming for several years due to a high bacterial level. We saw many deer in the park and since it was raining, we had the place to ourselves. I look forward to having Michael and Kim visit when we are back in Florida................

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TUFFENUF said...

Congrats on the new house, I loved the pics. Can't wait til you are back in the sunshine state. Remember the humidity? Well, we saved it for you. You won't need those undies, so just leave them packed in with the pots & pans!