Monday, May 3, 2010

Beach time again........Yah!!!

While I am doing kitty sitting, Steve and I are having "date nights". As I stay overnight with the kitties, I feed them their dinners and then head to our house in Englewood for a few hours. I either fix dinner there or we go out to eat and then head for the beach. The water is much warmer than our last visit and I had to fight a very strong urge last evening to keep from running into the surf. The sunsets are truly beautiful and being there with Steve makes it all that much better. Some nights we head for Dearborn Street in Olde Englewood and go to the Ice Cream Shoppe. Their mint chocolate chip is super.

On a less positive note: I think I am fighting a losing battle with the house in New Mexico. As much as I don't want to be a "hard nose" about the whole thing, I am really tired of being patient and I am starting to feel slightly used. I feel bad for our buyer as I know what it is like to have your spouse leave and I also know what it is like to lose a job. But I think I have been patient long enough and it is time to move on, both for myself and for the buyer of the house. Maybe it was just not meant for him to own that particular home. At any rate, I see another trip to New Mexico in my near future. Not that I don't want to go again; it's just that it really strains the budget and until the house sells I have no other source of income other than social security and the little I make from pet sitting. I'm tired of playing a "wait and see" game...............

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Jill said...

I love mint chocolate chip ice cream! We'll have to go there! And you writing of being drawn to the water, just wanting to run in to the waves . . . . you'd not think I was born in Indiana, the way I love the beach morning, noon or night.

Enjoy yours walks!