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Monday, August 13, 2007

I don't know how many of you have seen programs on TV about the alien space ship that supposedly crashed near Roswell, NM but it is a pretty big deal out here. This is the 60th anniversary of the crash and Roswell is playing it up. I had Sunday off, which rarely happens, so Bob and I decided to go for a ride and headed to Roswell. And of course if you don't have a plan, you end up at the UFO Museum. It was an inexpensive trip through the museum and the newspaper clippings were very interesting. There is a display with the alien depicting the examination that was done on the body. There are also many paintings showing the solar system and alien landings.
Most of the paintings are rather dark. I forgot the camera and ended up taking pictures with my cellphone, so the clarity isn't great. And of course, I came home with the obligatory T-Shirt and other trashy souvenirs. It's really a pretty ride as it takes you through the Mescalero Apache Reservation, Lincoln National Forest, Hondo valley and high desert.
I had an email yesterday from the woman that was my supervisor when I still worked in Florida. She and I were not the best of friends then as she had a habit of stabbing people in the back. Times have changed, she has been on the receiving end and now is enjoying not being in charge. And we have become friends. For the second year in a row she and another dispatcher from Sarasota are going to Europe for a month. The other woman's mother lives in Germany so they have room and board there. They are going to Russia, Italy and France. I hope she has a great time. She had it pretty tough when she was younger and deserves some good times now.
Things are pretty dull where I work now.
Nothing exciting like this happens on the mountain.........................

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