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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I am new to the world of blogging although my friend, Tuffenuf, suggested some time ago that I give it a whirl. I am afraid my life isn't as exciting as Tuff's - I am not retired yet and still have to do the old work grind. Like she doesn't work at home! I am in the law enforcement field as she was, but I work from the dispatch desk area. Strange hours, always short-handed and never a lack of "the bad guys" it seems. When I am not driving the 70 miles round trip to work, I am home cooking and cleaning for the other half and my retired Navy son who has chosen to stick close to what little family is left. We are in the midst of packing once again, hoping that our house will sell and we can move closer to work. My son also works on the mountain and of course, we never work the same hours. In addition to all else that is going on, I decided just before the dog food recall that my schips always ate better and were generally healthier when I prepared their food instead of using kibble, albeit very good kibble. So once a week on my days off I spend extra time in the kitchen putting together a weeks worth of food for 4 very eager schips. Most of the ingredients come from the local Wal-Mart (as if we had any other store here in no mans land). The oat bran comes in 50 pound bags from the health food store. The time I spend is well worth the results. I am also an avid knitter and have several sweaters, scarves and even an afghan. And if our temperatures would drop below 100 degrees I might stand a chance of selling something...............
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