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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Foolishness of my ways
So here I sit at 3:15 AM having just come off a 3-11 shift and having to work a 7-3 shift which requires me to get up in another two hours................Wondering to myself about the error of my ways in my youth. Possibly I should have been a little more frugal with my money, not run those charge cards sky high, not purchased a different vehicle every year and definitely not spent all of my retirement money from the PD in Florida on the move to New Mexico........I could be drawing my social security now and working part time for a little additional income and to cover the cost of private insurance for a couple of years until I qualify for Medicare.......But instead I am working a turn around shift at the end of a six day run and listening to all the BS that gets dished out in a small department. I have a supervisor who is really a nice person, but having been with the department for 25 years, is set in her ways and refuses to work any weekends. She also doesn't cover when someone is out sick or on vacation. This necessitates the changing of our work schedule practically on a weekly basis. I worked the same shift with the same days off for 8 years before moving and could plan appointments weeks in advance. And, no, this isn't sour grapes....just my middle of the night shoulda/coulda/woulda ! I am sure when today is over and I have my two days off things will look brighter........One of my best friends (who also happens to be my holistic veterinarian from Florida) is coming to visit this month. I am really looking forward to this. She is looking for property out here and is checking out the Santa Fe/Taos area on this trip. We are meeting her in Santa Fe and bringing her back to our area for a six day visit. We haven't really planned any side trips for this visit so it should be interesting. She is in Lexington KY over the Labor Day weekend for a dog show that she attends each year. She is the show vet on call. She had a practice in Paris KY before moving to Florida. Great person and super doctor.....No news on the move to the mountain. No one has looked at our house in a couple of weeks and we are striking out finding an affordable place on the mountain. My husband looked at 4 places while I was working yesterday and didn't even bother getting out of the car at 3 of them. One was so overgrown that he couldn't get to it and another would have required a person to have mountain goat blood to get up the driveway. Maybe I'll just buy a lottery ticket this week!!
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