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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I started this post in the middle of the night, once again unable to sleep and once again having to get up at 0-dark-thirty. I have a lot of things running through my head and they all seem to ram around when I am trying to go to sleep. We still have no offers (or even lookers for that matter) on our house. We have considered the possibility of a house swap for one on the mountain, but I am very fond of this house and I don't get a warm fuzzy feeling about the one up there. We have also looked at an A-frame that is for rent - with the possibility of renting out our house instead of selling. But there again - no renter on the horizon - and what if the renters destroy our home. If we rent it out, it would be with the intent of coming back to it when I no longer work. I am really beginning to think that my son and I should just bite the bullet and drive back and forth and pray to the snow gods to be gentle with us this winter.On a brighter note - one of the firemen that I work with designed some business cards for me and managed to combine both my knitting business and the schipperke rescue. I think that the cards are rather clever and definitely - the name fits! Just ask anyone that has worked with me or that has known me for any length of time.The sweater jacket was knitted for friend that I worked with for a short time at the police department. I did a similar one and donated it to my veterinarian buddy for a silent auction being held to help raise funds for holistic students. Most of the ones I knit are not quite so radical in color. After 35+ years of knitting, I am working on my first pair of socks. First one turned out well and even fits! Lets hope that the second one slightly resembles the first. I did read somewhere that with hand knit socks - no two are exactly the same. Something to fall back on anyway. The afghan is crocheted, as any of you that do needle work can tell, and was done for one of my officers. He has been after me to do another one with camouflage yarn. All projects come with complimentary schipperke fur on them. Most have been tested for sleeping comfort. And all seem to have passed the test..........
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